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Huzhou Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

Established in May, 2008, Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd is a company that integrates scientific research, development and manufacturing. It is one of the important intermediate manufacturers in the business line of medicine and pesticides. Supplying various of products with good quality assurance, it mainly engages in the research, development and production of aromatic, heterocyclic, linear, and catalyst intermediates.

After years of hard working, Bondchemistry has successfully cultivated more than 1,000 intermediates and successfully completed market docking with foreign companies. All its products are for exporting market.

Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.Ltd is located in Anji Tianzihu Modern Industrial Park, which has a pilot plant, quality inspection center, more than 10 production workshops and office buildings. It is equipped with many advanced experimental devices, and also has scientific testing methods, which can ensure product quality.

The products supplied by Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd are mainly used for the development and production of the latest products in the fields of medicine and pesticides in domestic and abroad. Bondchemistry develops independently new products each year by its own technological advantages and provides them to the major domestic pharmaceutical plants and scientific research institutions of pesticide production. At the same time, it exports to the United States, Europe, India, Japan and South Korea and other countries.

In the spirit of being pragmatic and innovative, Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.Ltd follows its own development path. It serves new and old customers with faith, loyalty and pragmatic attitude. Please join us on the road of mutual development. Let’s create a better future together.

Zhuorui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd